Lots of .Net people, the kind that comment on Channel 9 posts at least, are upset about this HTML5/JS turn of events. Ex-Silverlight PM Scott Barnes (aka @MossyBlog) had this to say to them:

From https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/A-quick-look-at-Windows-8#c634425768270000000:

The sun..will come out tomorrow...you can bet your bottom dollar......*sob*...the sun will come out tommoz...you *sob* can bet your bottom dollar.... be as what may...
-- Scott Barnes, no longer with Microsoft

This, after a blog post of his earlier tonight, that nailed the Windows 8 "situation" to a T:

It’s a game of perception at the moment and whilst Microsoft staff will try their best to hold backs the horde of "Is Silverlight dead? Is .NET dead? TELL ME MAN.. TELL ME" panic. The reality is this will bleed out beyond the Twitter / Facebook confines and into the cubicles. It’s got approx. a lifespan of around 6months to fully kill off assuming Microsoft doesn’t follow up with a "What Just Happened" explanation.
-- Scott Barnes, again

Go read his entire blog post. You'll be glad you did.