Had a great time presenting at the Mid Atlantic Developer Expo (MADExpo), and as promised, here are my slides and code from my Custom Applications: When, Why, and How session:

The code is here (VS2010 and SharePoint Tools for VS2010 required)

The slides are being processed by SlideShare as I speak/type/whatever. Once they post, I'll update my post here to point to them. Until then, check out my SlideShare page - as soon as the slides are ready, they'll show up there.

And now they're ready (I swear, they were waiting for me to hit Post on this blog entry):

[slideshare id=8483808&doc=2011-customapplications-whatwhenandwhy-110701150859-phpapp02]


Update! And now, because I totally forgot a few days ago, my slides from my early session, "SharePoint for ASP.Net Developers" (sorry!):

[slideshare id=6488943&doc=spforaspnet-110108135134-phpapp02]