[This documentation is for preview only, and is subject to change in later releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

The .NET APIs for Metro style apps provide a set of managed types that you can use to create Metro style apps for Windows using C# or Visual Basic. The following list displays the namespaces in the .NET APIs for Metro style apps. Note that the .NET APIs for Metro style apps include a subset of the types provided in the full .NET Framework for each namespace. For information about individual namespaces, see the linked topics.

For more information, seeĀ .NET for Metro style apps overview.

-- Windows Dev Center documentation

As of now, here's the list of namespaces you get to use inside of .Net-built Metro apps for Windows 8:

  • System Namespace
  • System.Collections Namespaces
  • System.ComponentModel Namespaces
  • System.Diagnostics Namespaces
  • System.Dynamic Namespace
  • System.Globalization Namespace
  • System.IO Namespaces
  • System.Linq Namespaces
  • System.Net Namespaces
  • System.Numerics Namespace
  • System.Reflection Namespaces
  • System.Resources Namespace
  • System.Runtime Namespaces
  • System.Security Namespaces
  • System.ServiceModel Namespaces
  • System.Text Namespaces
  • System.Threading Namespaces
  • System.Xml Namespaces
  • Windows Namespaces
  • Language and Compiler Namespaces
Not the end of the world, but there will probably be issues porting a bunch of the bigger .Net open-source libraries (for example, RestSharp).