Normally, I wouldn't bother blogging about a bug like this, but I happened to notice that it made this blog's entries look like crap, so I figured I had to defend myself. :)

In version 10.0.648.82 beta of Google Chrome (on OSX, anyway), it appears to be interpreting my CSS correctly, but not rendering it correctly. In other words, if I run an "Inspect Element" on a malformed element, I see the correct CSS rules applied - but it doesn't match what's rendered.

The CSS selector in question is this: .type-post .entry blockquote + p { background:url('<url removed for brevity>') 200px 0 no-repeat; text-indent:240px; height:31px; line-height:46px; clear:both; margin-bottom:10px; font-style:italic; }

It basically provides the little triangle at the bottom of a blockquote bubble, on the immediately following paragraph element. The bug is that Google Chrome is applying this rule on every following paragraph element.

So, don't blame me if my quotes look like crap - at least, not this time.