In an effort to keep some form of cadence up on here, I've decided to start linking a lot more of the good stuff that I find to help fill in the gaps between solid blog posts. To that end, I've decided to fire up a Tumblr blog, that I'll just call my linkblog from now on. It'll have all of the posts from here under the "Links" category, along with whatever other slightly more noisy (yet probably more interesting, especially for my norms out there) stuff I decide to throw in that general direction.

If you want to avoid all this extra nonsense, point your RSS reader to the "Everything But Links" category; I'll be tagging my super-size posts with that. This is the only post that'll ever be tagged with both that and "Links". Probably.

I'm not sure if it'll last, but I'm curious to find out. Call it an experiment. You know, for science.