This summer, you'll be able to come and see me at:

BarCampNYC 6, New York, NY, May 21 - 22

  • Not sure what bit o' SharePoint I'll bring with me, but I'll be there

MADExpo 2011, Hampton VA, June 30 - July 1


SharePoint Saturday New York City 2011, July 30

  • Myself, Becky Isserman, and Jason Gallicchio are organizing this one.

SharePoint Saturday: The Conference, Washington DC area, August 11 - 13

  • This one was just announced; I'll be there in one way or another, speaking or not.
4 conferences in the span of 60 days, and Baltimore will almost certainly jump in at one point, perhaps at the end of August? Don't know. Either way, it's going to be a busy busy summer!