For years, the blog that I had in its various forms & locations had one simple rule: all signal, no noise.  No single focus, but the content would unwaveringly be technical in one way or another.  As time went on, and I grew from a new developer to a senior dev and now a development manager & architect... my non-working time shrank, and became sacrosanct.  The LAST thing these days I feel like doing at the end of a long working day is think of some tech blog topic - it just felt like work, and 50-80 hours of that per week are enough, thank you very much.


Rule #1 has been formally stricken from the record.  Much like the occasional #fail entry or #Yankees gloating will find its way into my Twitter feed, so too will such things make an appearance here from time to time.   Indeed, instead of the old way of thinking that Twitter was an extension of my blog... this blog is an extension of my Twitter feed - these entries will be what happens from character 141 and onward.

I also really like the new paint job - nice & clean. :)