Chances are, sooner or later, you're going to want to be able to let someone log into an application you're writing. Here in the Microsoft space where I still spend a majority of my time, authenticating against Azure Active Directory is always a consideration in any solution, something that you need to especially consider once you start wandering out of the friendly confines of Visual Studio, and Microsoft-written project templates full of C# code.

If you're writing an Ember CLI app as I am wont to do as of late, things have been slowly but surely getting better for the last year on the authentication and authorization front. Torii and Ember Simple Auth have come to the forefront in my mind as the best options for authentication and authorization respectively, as both have a lot of great functionality built in for locking down views and logging in with a number of services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Github, etc.

Logging in with Azure AD was sadly missing... was.

I fixed it, with the Ember CLI Torii Azure Provider (ECTAP). I also wrote a sample app using Ember Simple Auth, Torii, and ECTAP, in case you are new to Ember CLI apps and needed to see it in action in order to grok how it works.

Both the provider and the sample are MIT licensed, meaning that you can take the code and use it wherever you want, so long as you include the library license with your finished product.

But wait, there's more!

Now that your application is authenticating with Azure... you now have access to everything that user can access within the Azure space: services, data, even Office365 apps.

I'm going to write a more detailed post on how to get started in Azure to use this from start to finish, but wanted to get the library announcement now since it seems that people are already using it, and I had to get the minimal documentation out there.

Stay tuned!