So, I was pointed towards a new (to me, anyway) way to host presentations that is much cleaner than SlideShare called SpeakerDeck, and so far I like it. They ask you to upload a PDF instead of a PPT so you'll need to save as PDF first, but as someone that's always using custom fonts in his presentations the implicit benefit of font embedding in the PDF makes this a win all by itself.

They've got a <script> tag embed that should work in most situations that require embedding, which is what I'm using below. Neither available SpeakerDeck WP plugin seems to work, so I'll leave it with this for now. Maybe it's time for me to learn a minimum of PHP, because a working plugin just makes everything easier.

Check it, here's a presentation from earlier this year:

I like it; I think I'm going to move everything over from SlideShare. Well, I'll copy everything over, don't want to break anyone's bookmarks.

Because I know you all have ALL my presentations bookmarked, right? RIGHT?! I thought so.